Cona Bath Tub

Product Code :- 08

 Cona Bath Tub has 17 Inches of depth and 77 inches of width. It makes the corners of the baths more appealing and functional. The tub has a foot operated weste overflow as well as hand rest with rail, so as to enable ease as well as comfort to the end users. Cona Bath Tub can be fiulled with both hot as well as cold water. It features a hand shower, a whirlpool System and the provision for the fixture of an underwater light.


Technical specification


430 mm or 17 Inch


1950 mm or 77 Inch

Total Distance Of Bath Tub Drain From Wall

1560 mm or 61.5 Inch


1400 mm or 55 Inch

Distance Of Bath Tub Drain From Wall

1260 mm or 49.5 Inch

"Available with and without accessories "