Led Whirlpool Jet

Product Code :- 28

LED Whirlpool Jet enables a good bath experience, on account of its advanced led technology and consistent flow of water. Bathing with this accessory can promote relaxation and well-being. With its use, a gentle and intense massage is targeted to the special body parts. Right adjustment of LED Whirlpool Jet enables progressive massage intensity, easy water drainage, disinfection etc. This is an important accessory for modern bathrooms so as to provide high level of functionality. 

LED Whirlpool Jet deserves praise for its ergonomic look. Made of ABS material, this waterproof jet is used as whirlpool bathtub. It consists of single piece synchronization controller. Advanced technology has been adopted to design this accessory. Powerful spray force generated by this LED Whirlpool Jet makes massage based bath more effective. Sleek in appearance, it perfectly suits with interior decoration needs of any modern bathroom. It is rust proof and has modular design. Long life span is one of its main aspects.

"Available with and without accessories "