Normal Bath Tubs

Normal Bath Tubs are the bathroom fixtures, which are filled with water for the purpose of a stress-free bathing. These brilliant tubs are useful for improving the design scheme of the bathrooms making them more modern and extra functional. These bestow a touch of elegance to assorted decors and provide umpteen aesthetic benefits. Normal Bath Tubs allow the user to take the bath in both cold as well as hot water. People get soak in these baths for feeling a full-day comfort and can do away with the stress and body pain, caused by the exhaustion. Made from porcelain and ceramic, these are suited for the people of different weights and heights. Offered are the perfect space saving solutions, that add to the appeal as well as functionality of the bathing spaces.
Artec Bath Tub
Product Code: 01
Capri Bath Tub
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Coral Bath Tub
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