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Coral Bath Tub
Product Code: 03
Round Baths Tubs, offered by Shanti Ventures are the bold statements to add in your bathroom. These round bathing vessels can be effortlessly installed and boast of a special character due to their exclusive shape. Round Baths Tubs, offered by us bestow a special expression to your homes. These transform a plain bathing space into a fabulous one. These are suited for the homes and hotels of family and friends. Simple to clean as well as take care of, these extremely functional bathroom fixtures bestow comfort as well as relaxation to the body of different weights and heights. Their classy and luxurious look will bring a lot of appreciation to your taste
Omega Bath Tub
Product Code: 04
Cosmo Bath Tub
Product Code: 05
Oval Bath Tubs we provide are suited for the family homes. These will provide users an advanced level of ease when they have to give shower to their kids. The bath is possible without the installation of two detached enclosures. With a right plumbing technique, Oval Bath Tubs will ensure a decent bath of utter comfort and suitability. These will allow the users to experience the most refreshed soak of their lives. Offered modern tubs never compromise on the the full head-to-toe bath. Shanti Ventures provides these fixtures of barrel-like design at cost-effective prices. Ensuring several benefits, these attractive bathroom additions are effortlessly simple to maintain.
Somax Bath Tub
Product Code: 06
Oval Bath Tub
Product Code: 07
As well as easy to clean materials. Their glossy coated look adds to their visual appeal. Steam and Shower Folding Benches are exclusively suggested for new construction. Provided low-priced seating options are the essential parts of the contemporary bathrooms.
Cona Bath Tub
Product Code: 08
Escona Bath Tub
Product Code: 09
Couple Bath Tubs are the boon for the couple who want to spend quality time together during the bath. These proffer them the needed personal space to enjoy the benefits of a comfy and relaxed bath. Making the bathing experience fantastic, stress-free and romantic, the tubs make a special atmosphere. Couple Bath Tubs are needed for a relaxing bath as well as intense bubbly massage. Enjoying a bath together is a dream as well as fantasy for several couples and these will assist them. These are not prone to hardening, crack and rust. Offered are the simple to clean tubs, which have no mildew or chipping problems.
Twin Bath Tub
Product Code: 10