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Salsa Bath Tub
Product Code: 12
Shower Trays are the fiberglass or ceramic bathroom fixtures, which are convenient and stress-free to use. These allow for an improved utilization of available bathroom space and allow for an easy access even in small bathrooms. Also, these make a strong visual impact. Offered perfect furnishing solutions are demanded for different types of modern bathrooms. Shower Trays have several considerable benefits and have been bestowed with different watertight seal properties. Best thing in their use is the simple access it ensures for both elder ones and children. These execute their functionality without any mobility impairments, with less chances of slipping or tripping. These have less number of slots and edges and thus ensure speedy as well as easy cleaning.
Square Shower Tray
Product Code: 13
Sauna baths have been considered as a therapeutic bath for a long time. Saunas are popular in current era as well, it helps people to relax and unwind. A temperature between 70° to 100° Celsius is set in a room, with a variant humidity level. Spending some relaxing time in this room is proven to be beneficial for people. Among many health benefits, muscle soreness reduction, joint movement improvement, arthritis pain reduction, stress levels reduction, are a few. In a process to set this sauna room, there are many sauna accessories that you have to buy. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Shanti Ventures, supplied a variety of sauna accessories, for instance wooden bucket with liner, vapor lock water light, sauna heater, magazine rack, sand timer and lava rocks; for installing new sauna rooms as well as for adding new accessories or replacing the old in existing sauna rooms.
Sauna Heater
Product Code: 37