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Glass Shower Cubicles ask for less maintenance, on account of their exclusive design and high durability. These easy to clean carrels are resistant to mould and mildews. Also, these have protective coating, which allow them to resist the scum spots of water and soap. Well-constructed and exquisitely designed, the spacious designs of the Glass Shower Cubicles make them to look bigger and commodious. Furthermore, a better air flow is ensured. Supplied are the safer options, which resist the leakage. Also, there is no risk of slip or fall. The users can use them without any mishap in the bathroom.
Glass Shower Cubicle
Product Code: 30
The concept of interior landscaping is fast gaining roots in the construction and interior designing industries. The reasons behind are beauty, aesthetics and most importantly a refreshing environment that gives a feeling of well-being. Planning interior landscaping is not a tough job, you can start with a few indoor plants, without any professional's help. When there are plants around people, they feel at ease and more productive. These plants create a relaxed and secure environment, while increasing the positivity levels. Customers can get these indoor planters in colors and shapes of their choice from Shanti Ventures. As we believe in providing right planters for your beautiful indoor plants. We supply these indoor planters for placements in areas, like:

Corporate offices

By installing plants in these indoor planters, one can greatly improve the indoor air quality, while making a great statement. These plants will prove to be helpful in reducing level of carbon dioxide, airborne dust and pollutants.
Beenor Planter
Product Code: Beenor
In-Door Planter
Product Code: Belly
New Design Planter
Product Code: diamond-4
Essnor Planter
Product Code: Essnor
Decorative FRP Planter
Product Code: Recta-2
Recta-m Planter
Product Code: Recta-m