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Recta Planter
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Royal Planter
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Bath tub is an essential element in a luxurious bathroom. Especially those who want to relax in weekends and have enough space in their bathrooms, opt for a bathtub or jacuzzi. People who do not have such facility in their homes, like to spend their weekends with family and friends in resorts, facilitated with everything they need to relax and have a gala time. Shanti Ventures is a Delhi based company that doesn't only provides bathtubs, but also render installation and maintenance services. We have provided a dedicated name for each design of bath tub, for instance Artec, Capri, Coral, Cona, Escona, Saisa, Cosmo, Omega, Twin and Somax. Customers from anywhere in the country can come to us and get as many bathtubs of their choice for their new project. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified company generally supplies these bath tubs to the following areas:

Spa centers
Artec Bath Tub
Product Code: 01
Capri Bath Tub
Product Code: 02
Coral Bath Tub
Product Code: 03
Cona Bath Tub
Product Code: 04
Escona Bath Tub
Product Code: 05
Salsa Bathtub
Product Code: 06