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Self Standing Bath Tub
Product Code: Self Standing
Your job doesn't end at selecting the right bath tub, but it is important to bring all essential and complementary bathtub accessories to complete the installation procedure. Without several accessories like hot and cold water filler, whirlpool jet, and foot operated waste overflow, installation is incomplete. There are also accessories in this category that are needed for the user's convenience, for instance head rest, towel rail, wall mounted steam and shower folding seat. These accessories are made in stainless steel and other material that are resistant to corrosion and rust when exposed to water. Sleek and modular designs of these accessories make them complementary additions to a bath tub. These also improve the functionality of the bathroom. Our accessories supply reach to:

Interior designers

We have capacity to meet large orders, as we also maintain a stock of bathtub accessories.
Head Rest with Real
Product Code: 17
Whirlpool Jet
Product Code: 18
Towel Rail
Product Code: 19