Sauna Hygrometer Thermometer

Product Code :- 36

Sauna Hygrometer Thermometers are suitable for showing the humidity as well as current temperature the sauna rooms. These can be perform their tasks in an instant as well as accurate way. With their use, users can find the condition of air, if it is dry, humid or perfect. Sauna Hygrometer Thermometers, provided by Shanti Ventures ensure high level of quality and exactitude. With the offered easy-to-use solutions, the users can easily find if the sauna is at the desired temperature. 

Sauna Hygrometer Thermometer is used for determining and also for controlling of humidity in sauna. Housing of this instrument is made of standard grade solid wood like poplar. The housing is high temperature proof and is highly durable. This 2 in 1 instrument is user friendly. Humidity range displayed by hygrometer is maximum 100% and temperature displayed by the thermometer ranges between 10 degree C to 120 degree C. Offered Sauna Hygrometer Thermometer is hand crafted and it has contemporary look. Precise calibration system, reliable operation and consistent performance of this instrument ensure relaxing sauna experience.

"Available with and without accessories "