Sauna Steam Bath Room

Product Code :- 29

Sauna Steam Bathroom is the simple ways to provide relaxation as well as comfort to the body. It is used in spas as well as gyms so as to release the post-workout stress. Other than that, it provides other advantages as well. It completely clears the skin by removing the gathered impurities of the skin pores. People who are prone to acne, should take the bath in Sauna Steam Bathroom. The hot water bath in this room will also reduce the joint pain.

Technical specification


4.5-12 KW

Sauna Heater Width

250 mm or 10 Inches

Sauna Heater Length

410 mm or 16.5 Inches

Sauna Heater Height

570 mm or 22.5 Inches

Room Area

2.5 -14 Square meter or 27-150 Square Feet

"Available with and without accessories "