Shower Drain Strainer

Product Code :- 25

Shower Drain Strainer is made from SS 304 and is marketed under the brand name of Italio. It is highly capable to protect the drain and catches hair as well as other remainders. Installation of this strainer is essentially required so as to the plumbing clear and protect the drainage systems of bathrooms. Shower accessible with different shockproof as well as anti-limescale characteristics. It can do away with the stains and damage. Square Shower Tray has an anti-slip surface as well as bright glossy finish. Square Shower Tray is also resistant to stains yellowing. There is no hassle in cleaning them. Furthermore, it has adjustable features for the improved convenience of the users. Users find it resistant to flexing or bending during its use. Best thing is that it can be installed with the removal of the old plumbing system.


Technical specification

Material Grade

SS 304



Surface Finish


"Available with and without accessories "