Top 10 Jacuzzi Bathtub Manufacturers, Brands in India

With luxury becoming a basic necessity, people wish to enhance every nook and corner of their home including bathrooms. Jacuzzi Bathtubs being the epitome of luxury for a modular bathroom is what most people are investing in these days. A variety of Jacuzzi bathtubs are available in India, but for a comforting bath experience, one must always get them from the best manufacturers like Shanti Ventures.

It is quite evident that deciding the right Jacuzzi Bathtub Manufacturers is not easy due to the multiple manufacturers available in the market. In this blog, we are sharing the name of the Top 10 Jacuzzi Bathtub Manufacturers in India, which are known for their impeccable designs and premium quality. But before that let’s discover more about Jacuzzi Bathtubs.

Jacuzzi Bathtub: Ultimate Luxury for Modern Bathrooms

The Jacuzzi Bathtub is a modern-day bathtub with underwater jets which offers perfect soothing hydrotherapy along with a relaxing bath. One can get a spa-like feeling at home by installing these at home. In comparison to other bathtubs, a Jacuzzi bathtub comes with many features that make it a perfect choice for bathrooms. From residential bathrooms to resorts, Jacuzzi can be installed at both these places. With proper cleaning and maintenance, they can be used for years without any problem. Jacuzzis are made using stainless steel, copper, stone, marble, and many other materials. Their capacities also vary so one can get it according to the size they require.

With the different models of Jacuzzi available in the market, their features also vary. Some of them come with air jets while some have in-built water heaters. With the availability of adjustable water jets, it becomes easier for one to adjust its intensity according to need. Many Jacuzzis also come with digital control settings, sound systems, lighting, and built-in seating. If you wish to get one with all such settings, then it is best to consider Shanti Ventures for buying Jacuzzi Bathtub.

Types of Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Jacuzzi Bathtubs have evolved in the past few years and are now available with multiple modern features. The types of Jacuzzi Bathtubs vary according to the needs of people, the size of the bathrooms, and the setting incorporated in them. Let’s discover a few of them through this blog.

Whirlpool Jacuzzi Bathtubs

They are the oldest type of Jacuzzis which come in different shapes and sizes. The water jets installed in these give a swirling effect for a perfect massage-like experience. Though these water jets can be customized according to one’s requirements. Many whirlpool Jacuzzis also come with air jets to give a refreshing feeling.

Air Jet Jacuzzi Bathtubs

These are the Jacuzzis that come with air jets along with water jets. They create tiny bubbles in the water by giving out air in the bathtub. The release of air in the water leaves one feeling relaxed due to the sensation caused by air bubbles and air.

Walk-in Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Jacuzzis that are specially designed for people who have limited mobility are known as walk-in Jacuzzis. They are not designed with a step-over edge to get inside the bathtub. Instead, one can simply walk inside the tub without much effort.

Heater Jacuzzi Bathtubs

The Jacuzzis that are available in the market these days are incorporated with a hot air system too along with the hot water. They have built-in heaters that help release hot air along with water. It is perfect for taking a massage-like experience by soaking your body in water. It also helps in relaxing muscles by giving complete comfort to the body.

Other than these types of Jacuzzis, there are many more based on their shape and settings. Like Oval Jacuzzi, Curved Shape Jacuzzi, Square Jacuzzi, Corner Jacuzzi, and a few more. With the help of the Top 10 Jacuzzi Bath Tub Manufacturers, you can also get customized Jacuzzi Bathtub according to your choice. But no matter which type of Jacuzzi you are buying, ensure that you keep the holes of water or air jets clean for them to function properly.

List of Top 10 Jacuzzi Bathtub Manufacturers

1. Shanti Ventures
2. Jaquar
3. Cera
4. Aquaplus
5. Acrolite Bathtubs
6. Swiss Reinz International
7. Oyster Lifestyle
8. Colston
9. Kingston
10. Quasay

1. Shanti Ventures 

With more than 4 decades in this industry, Shanti Ventures has set up a benchmark in the Bath Tub industry. It is the best bathtub manufacturing brand among the Top 10 Jacuzzi Bath Tub Manufacturers in India. Bathtubs are not only modular bathroom fittings but are also known for the comfort they offer during bathing. The experts at this organization understand it well and are meticulously designing each bathtub by keeping the customer experience in mind. It is one of the most trusted bathtub brands and has never failed to surprise its customers with its uniquely crafted Jacuzzis.

Though the brand deal in a variety of bathroom fittings and accessories, their Jacuzzis is high in demand. It is one of the reasons why they have developed a huge clientele and have achieved the topmost position in offering bathtubs in PAN India. From resorts to 5-star & 7-star hotels, fitness centres to spas, homes to wellness centres, their Jacuzzis are placed at most of these places. To experience the amalgamation of style, sophistication, and relaxation, going for Shanti Ventures is the best decision. With their highly impressive range of Jacuzzis, you will no longer feel the need to look elsewhere. Their bathtubs are available with an exclusive range of features including customized water jets, adjustable air jets and air heaters, built-in seating, elegant lighting, and multiple other customer-friendly settings. From corner bath Jacuzzis to Steam bath Jacuzzis, Oval Shape Jacuzzis to Square Shape Jacuzzis, they have the best range of bathtubs. You need not compromise with the choices as they are all available at the best market prices.

Address – A-125, DDA SHEDS, OKHLA INDL. AREA PHASE-II, New Delhi – 110020, India
Contact No – 9811854021
Business Email –

2. Jaquar

Getting a relaxing bath in the comfort of your home bathroom is the true luxury and Jaquar is excellent in making one feel the same. They offer beautifully designed Jacuzzi Bathtubs with multiple bath settings that make bathing a satisfying experience. Jaquar focuses on designing bathtubs that are best suited for both adults and kids. With customizable water and air jets, one can get the complete feel of hydrotherapy in their bathtubs. With multiple-size bathtubs, one can easily get them installed in compact bathroom spaces also. In today’s modular world, Jaquar bathtubs have become one of the topmost choices for both residential and commercial spaces.

Address: D-56, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024

3. Cera 

When talking about bath fittings and bath accessories in India, Cera is one name that is famous all over India. They are designing and supplying Jacuzzi Bathtubs for years and have established their brand name in the market. For a personalized bath experience, Cera bathtubs are considered excellent. They come with features like adjustable water jets, air jets, water-control features, warm water heaters, and lighting. Most Jacuzzi bathtubs offered by Cera come with a warranty which shows their premium quality and long-lasting durability. It is the first choice of most resorts and spas when it comes to installing a stunning design bathtub at their place. The company is known to design bathtubs of various shapes which are easy to install in different types of bathrooms.

                                                    Address: CERA Sanitaryware Limited, 7th & 8th Floor, B Wing, Privilon, Ambli BRTS Road, ISKCON Crossroads, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380059

4. Aquaplus

This homegrown bath fitting and plumbing industry brand has achieved huge success in fabricating and supplying ergonomic design Jacuzzis Bath Manufacturers in India. The Jacuzzis offered by them have all that one looks for in a premium-style bathtub. If you wish to get a refreshing bath experience every day, then go for the bathtubs offered by them. All their bathtubs have user-friendly settings which enables one to use them with ease. The jets are installed in a perfect manner so that one can enjoy their bath along with getting a massage experience. Being one of the Indian bathtub brands, they supply Jacuzzis at competitive market prices.

Address: D-9/7,OKHLA IND. AREA, PHASE-1,NEW DELHI-110 020 (INDIA)

5. Swiss Reinz International

Complement your bathroom spaces with unique bathtubs designed by Swiss Reinz International. From plain bathtubs to classic bathtubs, they are known for offering well-designed Jacuzzis with multiple bath settings. They have bathtubs that are well-suited for different spaces. With the wide range of Jacuzzis available with them, one gets different varieties to choose from according to their bathroom. Do you wish to feel like a spa at your home? If yes, then get Swiss Reinz International Jacuzzis which match the designs and style of international bathtub brands. Being one of the Top 10 Jacuzzi Bathtub Manufacturers in India, they add the best features to these bathtubs to make them highly comfortable for people.

Address: 44 Defence, Inder Enclave, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087

6. Acrolite Bathtubs

It is a brand that is specialized in designing and manufacturing multiple types of bathtubs including Jacuzzi. Acrolite Bath Tub is into the business of bathtub manufacturing for more than 2 decades and is continuously growing since then. From builders to interior designers, spa owners to resort owners, they are the first choice of most of them when looking for Jacuzzi Bathtubs. As the name suggests, the maximum number of bathtubs supplied by them are acrylic bathtubs. With the intention to offer impressive quality bathtubs, they have incorporated some of the best features in the Jacuzzis similar to those offered by Shanti Ventures.

Address: Khasra No.1681/4, Modern Industrial Estate, Part-B, Bahadurgarh, Haryana 124507

7. Oyster Lifestyle

With Jacuzzis becoming popular all over India, Oyster Lifestyle is crafting an exclusive range of bathtubs for both commercial and residential use. They are known for incorporating style and wellness together in their bathtubs by focusing on the overall quality of bath tubs. The cutting technology used in their Jacuzzis and the exquisite shapes and designs is making people fall in love with their bathtubs. Despite offering such an exceptional quality bathing experience, they have kept the prices nominal which lets everyone experience the luxury in the best form. Such significant design Jacuzzis along with adjustable and easy-to-use features have made them land in the list of Top 10 Jacuzzi Bathtub Manufacturers Brands in India.

Address: M/s Oyster Bath Concepts Pvt. Ltd. D-73, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1 New Delhi 110020 India

8. Colston

Are you tired of taking showers and wish to have a comforting bath experience like that in spas? Then get the best Jacuzzi bathtubs for a personalized spa-like experience from the comfort of your home. Colston is known to design bathtubs of different styles and sizes using different materials. The easy-to-control water jets, LED lighting, and advanced features for hydrotherapy let one enjoy bathing in the best way. Their bathtubs can turn any ordinary bathroom into a smart space due to their unmatched quality and jaw-dropping settings. Their designs speaks about the luxury without hitting the skyrocketing prices. So invest in one if you look forward to getting a rejuvenating bath experience at your home.

Address: 6-A, Ground Floor, Laxmi Woollen Mill Estate, Dr. E Moses Road, Shakti Mills Ln, Jacob Circle,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011

9. Kingston

Wish to enjoy a refreshing bath with complete relaxation? Then skip taking a bath under showers and go for exceptionally designed Jacuzzis by Kingston. The contemporary bathtub offered by them can transform your bathrooms into luxurious spaces like spas. Their bathtubs are a perfect combination of elegance and comfort due to the materials they use and the features instilled by them. One can also request customized bathtubs from them according to the shape and features required. Whether you need hot air jets or LED lighting, you can ask for all.

Address: Kingston Brass Inc., 12775 Reservoir St., Chino, CA 91710

10. Quasay

Being more than 2 decades in this industry, Quasay has become one of the prominent bathtub manufacturers among the Top 10 Jacuzzi Bathtub Manufacturers in India. The refinement in their designs, enhanced features, and exceptional functioning has made their Jacuzzis quite famous in India. They are promoting wellness and innovation together in their unique and well-crafted bathtubs. Their years of experience in designing bathtubs have helped them offer sophisticated Jacuzzi designs at the best market prices.

Address: 89-B, Rajender Nagar Industrial Area, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India 201007.


With this exclusive list of Jacuzzi Bathtub Suppliers in India, you will no longer feel the dilemma of buying the best Jacuzzi for your home or commercial space. Look for the features you need and invest in the innovative bathtub that can stay with you for a long. By buying it from Shanti Ventures, you will get multiple options to choose from, be it in terms of shape, size, colour, or features. But you will not regret buying from them, due to their premium range of bathtubs. So stop looking elsewhere and invest in the best Jacuzzi now with Shanti Ventures.

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