Sauna Room

Sauna Room is an ancient bath popular with Greeks & Romans. It is restorative concept of steam, to revive our overall health and enhance appearance. A Steam Bath is a refuge where you can unwind and let everyday care melts away amid clouds of steam. After a long tiring day of work there is nothing like spending some time in a steam bath enclosure.

You feel completely relaxed each time you take a steam bath as the soft comforting embrace of the warmth & high humidity massage the skin increasing the blood circulation and gently easing tense muscles. The steam penetrates deep into your skin cleansing & leaving it soft & smooth so you are wonderfully refreshed invigorated in both body & soul, long after your bath is over. It is highly beneficial for skin.

ROOM AREA UPTO (Height 2150mm, 85″)WATTAGE IN KWVOLTAGE phase 
2.5 Sq. mtr. (27 Sq. ft.)4.5220-240 Single Phase 32 Amp MCB
3.5 Sq. mtr. (38 Sq. ft.)6220-240 Single Phase 32 Amp MCB
7.5 Sq. mtr. (81 Sq. ft.)9380-415 Three Phase 40 Amp TPN
14 Sq. mtr. (150 Sq. ft.)12380-415 Three Phase 63 Amp TPN

Steam And Sauna

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