Steam and Sauna Bath Manufacturers in Gurgaon

We at Shanti Ventures have become one of the most promising Steam and Sauna Bath Manufacturers offering premium quality steam bath for all. We are expert in manufacturing a wide variety of sauna bath to match the requirements of different places. To ensure that our customers get the best, we are utilizing premium equipment in designing steam and sauna bath. According to the modern-day requirements the designing and technology used in the steam and sauna bath have changed. With several years of experience in manufacturing these, our experts are designing unique sauna bath for all.

All the steam bath and sauna bath designed by our engineers are highly preferred by our clients. At present, we are supplying these to hotels, resorts, wellness centers, beauty & spa centers, and fitness centers. We do have these bath settings available for home and offices as well. At Shanti Ventures, we are designing steam and sauna bath of different sizes to match the requirements of different places. These baths come with different temperature and voltage settings that can be customized as well according to the needs. Being one of the most prominent Steam and Sauna Bath Manufacturers in India, we have manufactured them with several features including proper steam outlets, temperature control, time alarm, and a few more.

Benefits of Sauna Bath​

Sauna or steam bath helps in offering great relaxation to body. Though both are a bit different concepts due to their utilization of different technologies.  Steam Bath is helpful in offering pores which also helps in deep cleansing your body and increasing the blood circulation. Sauna Bath helps one relieve stress and anxiety also by giving a complete relax to body. It is considered one of the best ways to detoxify your body. However, in both steam and sauna bath it is advised to stay well hydrated and to take the sessions for limited time only to avoid overheating.

Why choose us?

Shanti Ventures has achieved a huge reputation in the market by designing and fabricating bath tubs, steam bath, and sauna rooms of excellent quality. We understand the expectation that people have with sauna bath and have incorporated all in them. We are an ISO certified Steam and Sauna Bath Manufacturers and are providing exclusive range of sauna baths. We have developed a huge clientele base by offering the world with superior bath solutions. All our steam and sauna baths are quality tested under the guidance of our highly skilled quality team. One can choose the right and the best sauna bath for their place with the help of our sauna bath providers. We ensure that you will get the best steam and sauna bath at best market prices.

STEAM GENERATORS Water Tank Capacity (In Liters) VOLTAGE phase Steam Outlet Size
ROOM AREA UPTO (Height 2150mm, 85″) WATTAGE IN KW
1 Sq. mtr (11 Sq. ft.) 4.5 3.5 220-240 Single Phase 32 Amp MCB 12mm (1/2%)
1.7 Sq. mtr. (18 sq. ft. 6 3.5 220-240 Single Phase 32 Amp MCB 18mm (3/4%)
3.6 Sq. mtr. (39 sq. ft. 9 7.5 380-415 Three Phase 40 Amp TPN 18mm (3/4%)
6 Sq. mtr. (65 Sq. ft.) 12 7.5 380-415 Three Phase 63 Amp TPN Two Outlets of 18mm (3/4%) each
9 Sq. mtr. (96 Sq. ft.) 15 8.5 380-415 Three Phase 63 Amp TPN Two Outlets of 18mm (3/4%) each
18 Sq. ft. (194 Sq. ft.) 18 8.5 380-415 Three Phase 63 Amp TPN Two Outlets of 18mm (3/4%) each
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